Humblestorm is a full service agency dedicated to establishing next generation brands in the Nordics. As experts in the relationship between brand and organisation, we help clients across all Nordic markets accomplish strategic goals, move brands and develop ways of working that make their communication better, more efficient and more accessible. We offer business development, planning, brand and design development, campaigns and production.

Our story

Established in 2004, Humblestorm quickly earned a reputation as a leading B2B agency in tech and telecom. In 2012 we joined forces with the digital advertising agency Teddy World Wide and began our transformation to a full-service agency. 

Since then, we’ve been finding creative solutions to complex challenges, building brands and engaging consumers through meaningful dialogue. We’ve always questioned the traditional agency model, and have built our culture accordingly, with small teams, efficient ways of working and an “anything-is-possible” attitude. 

Today, we are proud to say that we hold strategic and creative client-agency relations with some of the world’s most well-known brands. Together we’ve created collaborations that allow passion to grow and curiosity to lead, where working together should be fun, easy and transparent. 

We consist of a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds and skills. Some of us are classically schooled creatives, others are engineers, economists, entrepreneurs, or just self-made superheroes. We all share one common goal: to help our clients seize opportunities for growth in the Nordics. 

Approaching strategy development

Our roots are firmly planted in deep understandings of sector dynamics, cultural contexts and organizational capabilities. But we differ from others when it comes to strategy implementation. That is where we truly challenge common notions of what a brand strategy project is all about. We know that to create shareholder and customer value, a sound brand strategy needs to be well implemented internally. So consider us your facilitators, catalysts and data scientists, guiding you through the process of brand strategy development and we ensure your brand’s purpose, values and promises will come alive internally, shaping culture across functions and roles.

Our values

Nothing good comes from a bad relationship

We believe a good client-agency relationship is the foundation of great work. It fosters the anything-is-possible attitude needed to transform brands and businesses. That’s why we have a clear and articulated ambition to have the
longest and happiest client-agency collaborations in the business, built on the principles of a great relationship – mutual personal respect, knowledge and experience. It also happens to make working together so much more fun. Win-win!

More than the hammer and nail approach

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. We like to keep a range of tools and methods on hand and approach every new challenge with openness and curiosity. We create customized solutions equally based on the prerequisites of the organization as well as the brand. That makes any result more interesting being anything from new design, innovations, digital transformation, or new ways of working.

Stereotypes versus diversity

Face it, the advertising world is built on stereotypes by stereotypes. We too, may look a little like a stereotypical agency at first glance, but take a closer look and you will find a diverse group of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and skills. Some of us are classically schooled creatives, others are engineers, economists or entrepreneurs. Diversity enriches us and provides unexpected perspectives, leading to new solutions free from generalization, stereotyping or sexism.


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