Making music your business.


As Spotify’s lead agency for the B2B market we develop strategy, design and creative concepts to make music part of every brands’ everyday business. Our focus is on strengthening the relationship between Spotify and marketing professionals in the Nordic countries, working cross channel from digital experiences to physical events, creating interaction between music and brands.

Web architecture, design, copy and content production (video and photo) for the Spotify global HR site.

Equalizer project

Design, copy and content production for the Equalizer Project – an initiative aimed at addressing the underrepresentation of women in music production.

Spotlight Project

Event and content production for Spotlight, Spotify’s event to put the spotlight on the hottest upcoming artists.

Consumer campaigns

Together with IKEA we launched the very first playlist that updates during the day to follow the rhythm of your life. Christmas campaign in partnership with Coke to discover your personal taste in Christmas music. Håkan Hellström album release, Photo exhibition with Swedish artists and creatives.

Other projects