Privacy policy

We care about your, our customers and our partners integrity. We process personal data in accordance with applicable law and the principles set out below. All Humblestorm employees are obliged to understand and work according to our personal data policy. Employees are also obliged to undergo continuous training on personal data processing and work on the specific instructions that apply specifically to each customer, in connection with the processing of personal data. 

  • Accountability

Only a minimum set of named and authenticated Humblestorm employees have access to personal data. All actions taken on personal data in Humblestorm’s systems is logged with timestamps and user IDs. 

  • Lawfulness, fairness, and transparency 

Humblestorm only process personal data in accordance with agreed terms and conditions and in compliance with applicable laws. 

  • Purpose limitation

Personal data is only used in accordance with agreed terms and conditions to fulfil in customer agreements. 

Humblestorm employee contracts and policies explicitly limit employee’s rights to use information and data accessed while employed by Humblestorm, including personal data, for any purpose beyond what is agreed within client contracts. 

  • Data minimization

Humblestorm acknowledge that processing of personal data is an enabler for business revenues for Humblestorm, but rather considered a business risk. 

Humblestorm therefore work proactively to minimize the collection, storage and processing of personal data as part of client projects. 

Whenever Humblestorm need to process personal data on behalf of clients, Humblestorm explicitly sets a maximum retention period as short as possible to fulfil contractual agreements. Humblestorm enforce set policies by continuously purging data.

  • Personal data relating to events is purged within 30 days of event. 
  • Personal data relating to production of photos and videos is purged within 3 years of capture. 
  • Accuracy

Humblestorm strive to ensure that any personal data processed by Humblestorm is accurate when received.

For personal data relating to client projects, Humblestorm strive to erase data rather than periodically update the information. 

  • Storage limitation

There is no rationale for Humblestorm to store any Personal Data on behalf of clients for longer than necessary to fulfil entered agreements. Therefor Humblestorm work proactively to limit storage of any Personal Data on behalf of clients. 

  • Integrity and Confidentiality
  • Humblestorm limits access to Personal Data to a minimum number of authenticated users needed to fulfil entered agreements. 
  • Humblestorm encrypts all data stored by Humblestorm.
  • All data accessed by Humblestorm through web interfaces is encrypted in transport.
  • Humblestorm undertake an analysis of the risks presented by our data processing and use this to put the appropriate level of security we need in place, taking into account the state of the art and cost of implementation.